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The Magic in Magic Erasers*

I have used these at home and it’s almost scary how well they work.  I just read that they work on bathroom grout, too, and now I am eager – me, the non-cleaner – to go home and step into the … Continue reading

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Another Paperclip post!

You know what?  One of the funnest (most fun?) parts of writing this blog is seeking out non-traditional ways to use office supplies. I found this picture of a paperclip light fixture available for just $185 (though apparently it’s sold … Continue reading

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Why didn’t I think of that?

In looking around at creative uses for some common office supplies, I have found a lot of photos and tips that cause me to yawn and think, ok, sure, everyone does that.  Who doesn’t know you can put a paperclip … Continue reading

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They call it work

They call it work, because, well, it’s work.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be fun, too.  And there are several ways to make your work day more pleasant – little things you can do for yourself that make … Continue reading

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