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Update, FYI

Turns out the Magic Eraser isn’t so hot on grout. Bummer. Advertisements

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My Wish List

There’s something new on my wish list. At my office, we have a very functional (well, mostly functional) old school paper cutter.  You know, the kind that every elementary school had in the back of the office in the 1970s, … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day in Office Supplies?

When you first think about it, buying a mother’s day gift from an office supply company sounds kind of odd.  Like giving a blender or vacuum cleaner or gift certificate for car washes. Though, to many women, those might be … Continue reading

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Ball Point Preference

We all have it, right?  A favorite pen or type of pen?  The point size.  The ink color.  The ball style (roller vs ballpoint, or maybe no ball at all if you’re a felt-tip sort.)  The grip.  Click or cap. … Continue reading

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The Magic in Magic Erasers*

I have used these at home and it’s almost scary how well they work.  I just read that they work on bathroom grout, too, and now I am eager – me, the non-cleaner – to go home and step into the … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day – the most-celebrated secular holiday in the world!  To get you in the spirit, here are some fun bits of trivia about the day: Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch a TV for … Continue reading

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Another Paperclip post!

You know what?  One of the funnest (most fun?) parts of writing this blog is seeking out non-traditional ways to use office supplies. I found this picture of a paperclip light fixture available for just $185 (though apparently it’s sold … Continue reading

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Green Paper

Wow. I had no idea how much there is to know about paper and its level of “greenness.”  SFI, FSC, GreenSeal, iSeal … 30% post-consumer material, 75% recycled, 100% post-consumer fiber. What do all those terms and initials mean, and … Continue reading

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Going Green … in the office

I have to admit, this is something fairly new to me.  I think we all will agree that our planet deserves better treatment – that we humans can do a lot more to litter less, waste less, and use less.  … Continue reading

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That’s amazing!

After thinking about taxes yesterday, here’s something more fun … Enjoy!

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