Mother’s Day in Office Supplies?

When you first think about it, buying a mother’s day gift from an office supply company sounds kind of odd.  Like giving a blender or vacuum cleaner or gift certificate for car washes.

Though, to many women, those might be very welcome gifts.

But traditionally, mother’s day gifts are more personal, more focused on feeling/looking/smelling pretty, and none of those things typically come to mind when thinking staples, tape, copy paper or scissors.

Not to say that they couldn’t.  Seriously?  There is a LOT of stuff which can fit the bill if you take time to look for it, and maybe use a little creativity. There are beautifully designed file folders, pencil holders, book ends, push pins, and even MASKING TAPE!  (who knew?)

This website shows examples of office-items-turned-crafty, if you are so inclined to get artsy (or pay someone else to do so.) 

This blog has a post about cute office supplies ….  and then there’s this website, which is 100% devoted to pretty office supplies!  (I think I need to spend some more time there, browsing through old posts …)

And don’t forget the wrapping paper – look at this wonderful way to use Sharpie Markers to personalize the outside of the box and really show Mom how much she means to you!

Happy Mother’s Day, All!

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One Response to Mother’s Day in Office Supplies?

  1. Dawn says:

    Alright, I am loving all this cute stuff….and the sharpies are a great idea. Unfortunately, my kids have four paws and meow, so I am probably going to have to be creative myself to get any of this fun stuff. Nice Blog!!

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