Ball Point Preference

We all have it, right?  A favorite pen or type of pen?  The point size.  The ink color.  The ball style (roller vs ballpoint, or maybe no ball at all if you’re a felt-tip sort.)  The grip.  Click or cap.

And doesn’t it just sour your morning when you come in to work only to find someone took your last favorite from your desk, leaving you with inferior models with which to try and work?

Way back in high school, I was a BIC Cristal Stick Pen fan.  I had them in blue, black, and red.  All three colors, at all times.  Back then, that was as varied as it got, really (yes, I am that old.)  And I was very happy.

But then I traveled the world, and went to college, and for years and years, I became a  Papermate girl.  Medium ballpoint, blue ink, caps (which I never used.)  Cheap so I felt smugly responsibly frugal.  Long-lasting.  Not flashy so people rarely walked off with them.

Then for a brief interlude I switched to rollerball pens.  Smooth, fluid writing.  The pen would practically dance across the page.  These, people liked.  These, people took (consciously or un-).  And these, I discovered, were not the pens of my heart, and after a couple of years, I was able to move on.  I flirted briefly with gel pens, but they were too artsy to be used in business, so I can’t even say I really became familiar with the feel of one in my hand.

But recently?  I’ve changed, back towards my roots.  Perhaps as I have gotten older, more experienced, more worldly, I have learned to focus on what really matters to me.  And that is comfort.  For the first time, I pay as much attention to the grip of the pen as the ink.  I care not only about the feel of the pen as it moves across the paper, but also the feel of the pen barrel in my hand.  And I am still frugal, so I am still attracted to the pens that you can, really, afford to lose.  Now?  I love BIC  again, but not the Cristal Stick pens of my youth (though I get a reminiscent thrill when I see them in the stores.)  Now – I order BIC Comfort Grip pens.  I am still true to blue ink, medium point, but that little cushion where my fingers press – now that is of utmost importance.

In my office, my desk is in a very public place, and I keep a pencil cup on my desk, and most mornings, my favorite pen is still in there.

But when it’s not, I wait until I am alone, and I silently and secretively open a special drawer and uncover my private stash … and carefully pull out one, new pen.

And then my day is good.

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