The Magic in Magic Erasers*

I have used these at home and it’s almost scary how well they work.  I just read that they work on bathroom grout, too, and now I am eager – me, the non-cleaner – to go home and step into the bathtub, Magic Eraser in hand, to see just how well they do. 

But – they also are good in the office!  Who knew?

  • Wipe your phone – especially if you share your phone with others – to remove grease, grime, and anything else built up on there.
  • Wipe your computer and other equipment (gently, no scrubbing needed – unless there is really some dried-on gunk) to get rid of grime and other ick.
  • Wipe down vinyl chairs, signs, baseboards, almost anything.  It’ll even take off paint drips!
  • Mirrors, windows, anything glass, photocopier or scanner glass surfaces … use the Eraser slightly dampened for a streak-free clean.

And you can even order them right with your office supplies order, no need to pick them up at a grocery store and then remember to get yourself reimbursed.  Gotta love it. 

* I looked up how exactly the Magic works, and it turns out that the stuff they are made of – Melamine Foam – is actually a very flexible, soft sandpaper-like substance with teensy-tiny holes, or pockets, within the foam.  It’s not a chemical magic (phew, I was worried I was doing significant damage to the world by using this thing!) but rather a mixture of two mechanical procedures – the sanding loosens the grit or stain or whatever, and the pockets hold the gunk.  (don’t you like how these technical terms come so easily to me?)

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