Going Green … in the office

I have to admit, this is something fairly new to me.  I think we all will agree that our planet deserves better treatment – that we humans can do a lot more to litter less, waste less, and use less.  I have worked to improve my habits at home, buying organic cleaners and bringing my own grocery bags.  But the idea of doing it at work?

Whenever I hear about a large company doing something that is eco-friendly, my first reaction is always to try and evaluate if they are being sincere, or doing some sort of publicity stunt.  If they are sincere, I am impressed – and I do store that nugget of knowledge away in my brain and will pull it out later, if I have the option of buying something from that company vs. another, to help me make the choice.

But that’s BIG companies.  What about some place as small as the office I work in?  I do have a lot of control over what is purchased here.  And I admit to assuming that anything that is “eco-friendly” is going to cost more, and isn’t the dollar amount always the bottom line?

You know what?  I am going to challenge myself to really find out what the cost difference is, and to research changes that cane be made that cost nothing. 

And I challenge you to do the same.  Every time I find a good resource, I will share – whether it’s a wonderful product, or a review comparing costs or effectiveness or any other detail.   And I ask that you share anything you find, too.

Together, let’s see if we can make a difference.  I hope so!

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2 Responses to Going Green … in the office

  1. Chip says:

    Hey Twisted Pencil,

    Great post!!!

  2. Dawn says:

    I know in dentistry I sometimes think 1 step forward 2 steps back, but I try to keep my eyes and ears open.
    At home, I am trying the ebook thing….Save a tree, whatever….It’s not quite the same as holding the real book in your hands, but I am being choosier with the hard copy purchases. That said, I do reread and reenjoy my books so I feel a bit better about that.:)

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