Does it really matter?

This year marks the 41st observance and celebration of Earth Day.  It’s coming up on April 22, and (I know, I’m aging myself) I remember the very first one.  Back then no one knew it would still be around 41 years later, but more on that later.

You may find yourself thinking, though, as many are wont to do, “is it really worth it?” when considering what just one person, or one office, or one company, can do.  I mean, truly, can my buying recycled paper help keep the polar bear babies safe?

Well, according to Environmental Paper Network, every little bit helps.  If one consumer uses 30% recycled paper for a year, on average that would save 7 full-grown trees, 2000 gallons of water, 1200 kilowatts of electricity, and 2 pounds of air pollution. [note – who knew air pollution is measured in pounds?  Not bits per cubic inch or something more scientific, but pounds?]

And that’s just one mid-sized consumer – and just 30% recycled.  If it’s a bigger company or a higher percentage of recycled materials, it goes up.  And that all adds up.

And if the person who makes the purchasing decisions in your company doesn’t care about baby polar bears, well, then you can take an alternate tactic.  Studies show that clients and customers do notice when the literature and letters they get from you carry a “recycled” symbol.    They think more favorably of you, which could just be the tipping point when they are choosing which proposal to accept or supplier to buy from.

And then your company will get bigger and you will get a huge raise, and you can donate money to save the baby polar bears.  And they all lived happily ever after.

See?  It’s a win-win!

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