Buy some paper, plant a tree

Who here doesn’t love the amazing and ubiquitous Post-It Note?  I remember fondly the days when yellow was the only color choice and 3″ x 3″ was the only size option.  Now?  Too many wonderfully practical and creative varieties to possibly be aware of, much less count!  And now, in honor of Earth Day, the makers of Post-It are planting trees.

3M (a company I hold near & dear to my heart, seeing as they, like me, are Minnesotan) has committed to planting a tree for every registered purchase of any of their qualifying products during the month of April.

“What’s a qualifying product?” you ask?  Well, let me tell you!  It’s anything from their specially-selected array of recycled products – labels, easel charts, and Post-Its.  Now, to be totally forthcoming, it does appear you have to purchase the jumbo-pack of Post-Its, not just a single pad.  But still.  They’re planting a whole tree.  For every purchase.  They are partnering with American Forests, a group which focuses on reforestation and the environment.

* * *  FREE SAMPLE ALERT * * *

So – tell you what.  To get you in the  mood a couple weeks early, I have some FREE SAMPLES of Post-It Recycled Notes that I will send the first 5 commenters.  (I’ll contact you privately to get your info.)  Tell me your favorite Post-It story.  Or not; just say something clever.  Or nice.  Or spelled right.  (and if you’re commenter #6, or #9, or even #14 … you just never know, there might be a surprise for you, too …)

Oh, and if you are ever in Two Harbors, Minnesota – a charmingly quaint town on the north shore of Lake Superior (and quite close to where my parents live; stop by and say “hi”) – visit the 3M Museum: The First 100 Years.  Then go see the Edna G, and stop at Sweet Peas.  Make a day of it!

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2 Responses to Buy some paper, plant a tree

  1. Dawn says:

    As I get further into the fabulous 40’s, I am finding the need to use a lot of notes to remind me of many many different things. You can find post-its thru out the house. Some are breast cancer survivor pink and others look like teeth. It just depends on where I am at the time. Many a day the garage door is covered with appointment reminders or just plain old love notes for the hubby as he goes off to start his day…

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