Why didn’t I think of that?

In looking around at creative uses for some common office supplies, I have found a lot of photos and tips that cause me to yawn and think, ok, sure, everyone does that.  Who doesn’t know you can put a paperclip on a broken zipper pull to keep the zipper easy to open and close?  Who doesn’t use binder clips to hold chip bags closed?

But every once in a while I see a photo and it’s one of those “aha” moments and I get a grin, and feel a twinge of giddiness inside, and think “THIS I have to remember!”

I present to you PRETTY – and practical – BINDER CLIPS:

I admit to being partial to things that take the ordinary and add a bit of pretty.  And this one is a two-fer.  Not only are these binder clips not black, but they have little labels written right on them!  (and they could have little swirls or flowers or ladybugs.) And I look at that picture and I make a mental inventory and know I have paint pens somewhere leftover from the time I thought my children ought to paint Christmas ornaments for their aunts and uncles, and I think “I can do this!”

Loving that feeling.

And it doesn’t stop there.  One clip per child, labeled with the child’s name, to hold permission slips at home.  One clip labeled for each store – or each department of a store – to hold coupons.   One clip for each month to hold invitations or bills due.  You could both color code and label.  This could be really fun, and really, really useful.  And it’s so simple!  The best kind of tip.

Ready to go?  Need clipsPaint pens?  Happy clipping and labeling.  Send pictures of your efforts and we’ll post them!

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2 Responses to Why didn’t I think of that?

  1. Dawn says:

    Didn’t think of this…I have been using the magnetized clips from the fridge and stick that in my purse for mail, etc…This might be a nice project-

  2. KellyO says:

    I LOVE roaming the aisles of the offic e supply store! There is always a new cool way to organize and label….labeling being my personal addiction. Clips WITH lables!?! Awesome 🙂

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