They call it work

They call it work, because, well, it’s work.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be fun, too.  And there are several ways to make your work day more pleasant – little things you can do for yourself that make you smile in the midst of whatever task you are working on, small details that can bring you a quiet burst of satisfaction, privately, and no one else needs to know about it.

One of my favorite ideas is to reset your passwords into something that makes you smile.  For example, maybe your email password is some combination of letters and numbers – your pet’s initials plus your mom’s birthday.  Change it – to something like (if your name is Susan) “queensusan” and if you want to have numbers in there to make it more secure, make the “e”s “3”s —  “qu33nsusan”.  Or “iamamazing” Or maybe “joelovesme” or something similar.

Think about it.  Every time you open your email, you give yourself a boost – and chances are, you give yourself a smile.  And when you smile, research shows, you feel better.  Even if it’s a fake smile.

Another thing that can bring a smile to your face?  A shaped post-it, or a special pen, or a fresh flower – something decidedly NOT corporate-looking, something in your favorite color (mine happens to be pink) or in a design that speaks to you (I admit to being a sucker for polka-dots.)

You spend a lot of time at that desk.  Find ways to make yourself smile.  You’ll feel better!

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