The greatest thing since sliced bread?

Today I found something AMAZING.  Really, I laughed out loud when I tried it.  I was skeptical, who wouldn’t be?  I mean, you see commercials and ads all the time promising a better widget or more advanced doohickey.

So when I saw a one-finger stapler, naturally my cynical nature thought, yeah, sure.

So I took the challenge.  A pad, 7 sheets thick, the stapler.

One finger.

To make it even better, I used my ring-finger, because I remember reading somewhere sometime that that is the weakest finger.  (how would you test that, anyway? and why?)

And – guess what?

It worked.  Without any strain – really, with hardly any pressure at all.

I laughed – I really did “LOL.”
And of course I tried it again, and again.  Then I called over my friend who was nearby, and made him try it too.  He wasn’t quite as entranced as I was, but then again he’s a he.  I think sometimes men don’t find delight in the ordinary like women do.

I then tried to figure it out.  How DID they do that?  I’m pretty good at stuff like that, but seriously?  This is a mystery to me.  Looks like a normal stapler.  But acts like magic.  The Paper Pro.  I think it’s going on my wish list.

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